Sal, Leyla & Richard Christy

the man to the left of the center is sal

Sal "The stockbroker" Governale is a crew member on the Stern show and a good friend of Richard Cristy. Sal is often accused of being a homosexual with Richard Cristy. Being a married man, Sal denies these claims.

Sal is most well known for his unique comedy style that is most often seen in his prank phone calls with his best friend, Richard Cristy. Often called "Phony phone calls," these prank calls are a real gem in the Stern brand. Below are a few listener favorites:

Sal was born on Long Island, NY to devout Muslim parents who descended from North African tribesman. He converted to Catholicism as a teenager because to the stigma associated with his birth religion, and to this day, he retains a healthy bigotry for all Muslims (though it is unclear if this includes his parents). Sal spent much of his childhood working in his very strict father's kabob shop, often butchering the lamb himself in the alley. As a teenager, he was too uncoordinated to play sports so he stuck to more effeminate activities like break dancing and rapping.

After high school, he briefly attended community college with the intent of becoming a radiologist. He quickly flunked out though not before learning a great deal about the bone structure of African Americans. After several other short lived careers, he found his first true calling as a stock broker. He worked exclusively in boiler room operations and sold worthless penny stocks to widows and orphans. Although several of his employers were convicted of securities fraud, Sal always skated. It is rumored that he was able to avoid jail time by agreeing to testify against his employers.

While working as a stock broker, he found his second true calling: making prank phone calls to the Howard Stern Show.

Howard Stern - 10-5-2005 - Sal prank calls Hospital for Tom Chiusano01:58

Howard Stern - 10-5-2005 - Sal prank calls Hospital for Tom Chiusano

sal prank calls a hospital wanting to "speek" to a producer named tom

Sal calling to find out if his friend is dead and hilarity ensues.
Howard Stern - 14 6 2005 - Internet Relay Operator Call05:03

Howard Stern - 14 6 2005 - Internet Relay Operator Call

same idea as the 2nd one but longer and funnyer

Howard Stern - 16 6 2005 - Sal Jerks Off To Prank Call06:35

Howard Stern - 16 6 2005 - Sal Jerks Off To Prank Call

sal is relaying funny messages through a relay operator

Sal using a relay operator service and angers the operator by "inserting her into the call'

This is a funnier video involving another relay operator but it's longer and more revealing of what operators will say

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