Sal, Leyla & Richard Christy

the person on the right is richard

Thomas Richard Christy is from Kansas and is the writting partner of Sal Governale on the Howard Stern Show. Sal is Richard's, "honey." The two are known for their many prank calls and "funny" homosexual bits.

He was working in Florida as an electrican before joining the show by winning the Get Jon's Job contest. For a period of time he lived in a small storage locker and rarely bathed. During this period he also went several years without sex. Because of the sexual dry-spell Richard developed a love of computer pornography and had many "favorite" pornstars. He is a fan of the male pornstar Peter North and calls him "The beer can". Richard loves Mr. Norths volumus ejactulate, which he calls, "shooting ropes." Richard also loves Brad Pitt. Sarah Silverman considers his flaccid penis tiny.


Richard is a accomplished drummer, playing in the bands Death, Iced Earth, and Charred Walls of the Damned.


Richard may be a functioning alcoholic. He is affraid to fly and is always drunk when traveling by air. His favorite holiday is Halloween followed by Christmas and New Years. He drinks heavily for the months of October through December. He loves living in NYC for the all you can drink Sunday brunches. He loves craft beer, expecially pumkin beer.

Show ContributionsEdit

Many creepy Robin song parodies, many K. C. Armstrong song parodies refferceing his love of guys, constant suggestions of gay and nude bits for the show.