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The self-proclaimed King of All Media, Howard Stern is an American radio host and television personality. His national talk show, The Howard Stern Show, currently airs on channels Howard 100 and Howard 101 on the subscription-based SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and is adapted for television for Howard TV (formerly "Howard Stern On-Demand"), an on-demand cable network. Howard has been dubbed a shock jock for his controversial use of scatological, sexual, and racial humor. Stern has said that the show was never about shocking people, but primarily intended to offer his honest opinions on a gamut of issues (ranging from world affairs to problems among his own staff). Though controversial, he is the highest-paid radio personality in the United States, and the most fined personality in radio broadcast history. Stern is best known for...
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Howard Stern Show - (Jenny McCarthy, Metallica Interview ) 09 23 13

Howard Stern Show - (Jenny McCarthy, Metallica Interview ) 09 23 13

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