George Takei on the Howard Stern show

Mr. George Takei is most well known on the show for his occasional role as announcer. Takei, 76, starred as Captain Sulu on the original Star Trek as well as some of the Star Trek movies.

Stern ShowEdit

He first appeared on the show in 1990 to promote a play that he had taken part in. On Janurary 9th 2006, it was announced that Takei would become an announcer on the show. Upon its entry to Sirius, Takei sat in on the show for the first week. He still ocassionally appears on the show for a week at a time every couple of months.

Infamous "Arnie" bitEdit

On his second day on the show when it first entered Sirius, George Takei had been told that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the line to congratulate them on their move to Sirius and to talk to Mr. Takei. Being an openly gay male and a gay rights activist, Mr. Takei was upset with Arnold over his vetoing of a Gay marriage law in California. George claims that the governor "Flip flopped"; Howard let Mr. Takei talk to "Arnold" and for roughly 20 minutes, they argued back and forth about racial issues, gay rights, and "Arnold's" dependence on prescription pain killers. When they fake Arnold hung up, they finally told Mr. Takei that the whole phone call was a joke. 

The next day, once again they played the exact same prank on Mr. Takei. Being the great guy that he is, Mr. Takei found the situation to be hilarious.