Gary Dell'Abate
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Date of Birth
March 14, 1961
Uniondale, New York
Gary / Producer
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Gary "Baba Booey" Dell’Abate is a producer on The Howard Stern Show and the Howard Stern wrap-up show he is one of Howard's loyalest and long time cohorts along with Robin Quivers and Fred Norris. He kisses Howard's ass all the time. In his early years working for Howard, he was nicknamed "Boy Gary" but after a conversation on why Gary had "wasted" money on animation cells he mispronounced the character "Babalooey" he had instead said "Baba Booey" and the rest was history. Gary is noted for having large teeth that are supposedly green in color and smelly he is frequently referred to as a "horse toothed jackass" or a "monkey". The show frequently plays popular music with the words changed mostly to make fun of his physical traits. Many artists have been parodied including ACDC, Gorillaz, System of a down, creed, and various composers and one hit wonders. Also many movie theme songs like jaws. Various Christmas songs and game show sounds have also been occasionally featured. Gary has mispronounced many words on the show "because of his big green teeth". Words like "boff" (boss), "grand' (thousand), "rezzees peezez" (Reese's Pieces) and of course "Baba Booey" (babalooey) have been sources of debate and hours of laughter by fans and crew members. Gary has appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and in Howard Stern's movie "Private Parts". One of Gary's most embarrassing and memorable moments happened of the air when he was invited to city filed in new york to throw out the first pitch for the New York Mets who happen to be his favorite baseball team. Gary embarrassingly threw the the ball off target....way off target.


The pitch itself and his feeble attempt to redeem himself.

Howard and the team delivered one of the most brutal verbal beat-downs of his illustrious career and still takes kidding and humiliation from the incident. On the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in November of 2010 he had a shot to redeem himself by throwing another couple pitches he failed miserably and further sunk into humiliation regarding the incident. A snap shot of the incident was even featured on the back cover of this book titled "they call me Baba Booey" the book was a best seller tell-all about his life on the show and as a husband and as a father. Gary although loves the stern show he strongly opposes his children listening or watching the show because of its "adult content" according to the tools at the FCC. Gary remains and important and hilarious part of the show to this day. He doesn't have plans of leaving the show anytime soon except for going to the zoo! Baby gorilla we speak your name!