Benjy Bronk
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Date of Birth

No one seems to be able to put a finger on Benjy Bronk (and only Perez Hilton is known to have put a finger in Benjy Bronk). Much of Benjy’s past is infamously shrouded in mystery, especially his birthdate. We do know that Benjy was raised in South Carolina, where he was state hula hoop champ, and he fell in love with talk radio by listening to it with his mother. [1]

The VortexEdit

Benjy is known for creating "schtick" that illicits an almost universal reaction of disturbance, annoyance and irritation, especially from Howard. Despite the staff's annoyance at Benjy's behavior, some cannot help becoming wrapped up in it and interested—the same way one cannot help but looking at a crashed vehicle on the highway. This phenomenon is refered to as "The Benjy Vortex". In most instances of The Vortex, Howard and staff find themselves so irritated by Benjy's absurdity that they cannot help but try and argue some of the astonishing things he says. Among the many instances of the Vortex, some stand out and live the test of time. 

     He has the most bizarre personality ever on the Howard stern show. Edit

Benji came out as a gay man on 7/30/16 ReferencesEdit